4 Ways to Interact Better with Nocturnal Exotic Pets

Posted by Diedra Blackmill on Apr 18th 2019

Photo by David ClodeAre you a night person?Many exotic pets are most active during the night. And that can make them seem boring to those who use the dark for sleeping.But if you’re up during that tim … read more

Why Your Aquarium Plants Need Trace Elements

Posted by Diedra Blackmill on Apr 12th 2019

One of the big advantages of growing plants in a fish aquarium is that the fish and plants each provide each other with health necessities.The fish waste contains nutrients plants can use to grow.But … read more

Be Prepared with Crab Removal Techniques

Posted by Diedra Blackmill on Apr 4th 2019

Last month we shared some advice on the right way to hold your pet hermit crab in order to avoid pinching. You can check out that article here.But even if you do everything right, sometimes accidents … read more

The Ultimate List of Hydroponic Perennials

Posted by Diedra Blackmill on Mar 28th 2019

A couple weeks ago we talked about growing perennial vegetables in a hydroponic garden. But growing perennials isn’t just about food production. Maybe you just enjoy tending the plants and seeing how … read more

The Tye-Dyed Iguana's 2nd Annual Eggcellent Celebration

Posted by Diedra Blackmill on Mar 21st 2019

Easter is coming up, and that means everything eggs. We’re a bit partial to this holiday, considering many reptiles lay eggs and all. So why should chickens and weird bunnies get all the attention? (W … read more

Do You Have Perennial Vegetables in Your Hydroponic Garden?

Posted by Diedra Blackmill on Mar 14th 2019

Photo courtesy of FoodieFactorAnxious for spring to arrive so you can start the vegetable garden?You really don’t have to wait.A hydroponic garden is the perfect place to grow perennial vegetables. Yo … read more

Gardening Tips that Will Save You During an Apocalypse

Posted by Diedra Blackmill on Feb 28th 2019

Image from Mad Max: Fury Road copyright Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.So you think you can just “start a garden” if an emergency scenario arises?Oh ho ho. Think again.If you have no experience, garde … read more

Are Sulcata Tortoise Owners Crazy? Well...Yes

Posted by Diedra Blackmill on Feb 21st 2019

Big. Armored. Destructive. Does that sound like the description of a good pet?It’s more like the description of a kaiju. Yet many people are fanatic about their pet sulcata tortoise.In case you’re not … read more

Why on Earth Would I Want to Put Pee in My Garden?

Posted by Diedra Blackmill on Feb 14th 2019

Photo by Benjamin VorosDoing what’s best for your garden takes sacrifices, amiright?And sometimes that means forsaking public decency in order to nourish those crops.It’s not that you like peeing on p … read more