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8 Reasons Gardening Is for Everyone

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If you’ve seen the movie Secret Window with Johnny Depp, then you know that gardening can be quite stress relieving. At least, Depp’s character, Mort Rainey, seems a lot happier with his little garden at the end. But stress relief isn’t the only reason to take up gardening. It’s becoming a popular hobby for everyone. And with indoor gardening options, you can take up the hobby regardless of space limitations. Not sure if gardening is for you? Maybe you can relate to some of the reasons to start gardening here.

Gardening is for the health-conscious

Knowing what’s in our food has become more important as we get further away from the sources of what we eat. Labels like ‘organic’ don’t always mean the same thing across the board. When you grow your own, you know exactly what soil or growing medium it is in, what fertilizers you used, and whether any pesticides touched your food.

Let’s be honest. Health is important to most of us. Gardening provides us with a little bit of control over our health outcomes.

Gardening is for romantics

Planning to bring someone special over for dinner? Cooking a meal for them is always impressive. But you really up your game if you also grew the food you prepared.

Gardening is for survivalists and preppers

Come on, how are you going to eat when the apocalypse arrives? You better prepare your growing skills now. Bonus: indoor gardening teaches you to use unconventional growing mediums if good soil isn’t available. You can even make it a game. See how efficiently you can grow your garden on limited supplies.

Gardening is for the zen-inclined

If you like to meditate, gardening can be a calming activity to help center your mind. It takes you away from some of the more stressful and chaotic aspects of your day. Even better, as your garden grows, it gives you a place to go for your meditation practice.

Gardening is for tiny home dwellers

So many options are available for gardens in small spaces. You’re not just limited to potted plants, either. Hydroponic setups can be made to fit on balconies or climb vertical space.

Gardening is for urban hipsters

Yes, hipsters are getting into gardening too. Community gardens make it easy to share tasks and the rewards of growing fruits and vegetables. And no soil is no problem for urban dwellers who are getting creative with rooftop gardens and other alternatives.

Gardening is for people looking for friends

It’s hard to make new friends as an adult. But you can tempt new friends to join you for games and snacks if you offer some homemade salsa from your own tomato and pepper garden. Your garden may make more food than you can enjoy yourself, so you might as well share it.

Gardening is for comic book nerds

Yep, even nerds have no excuse not to enjoy gardening. I mean, everyone loves Groot. Go plant some Baby Groots of your own. Not convinced? Poison Ivy made some pretty interesting use of plants. Or just pretend you’re Swamp Thing and commune with The Green.

Don’t feel like you fit into any of these groups? No worries. You can still garden if you want to. Come talk to the team at Indoor Cultivator and see what we love about growing things.

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