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Vermiponics: An Easy Hydroponics Alternative System

You’ve likely heard of aquaponics and indoor gardening with fish to provide extra nutrients to your plants. In fact, we just covered how to get started with aquaponics with betta fish. Vermiponics is a similar concept, except the plant nutrients come from worm waste rather than fish waste. It’s a lesser known but less expensive [...]

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6 Things to Know About the Waxy Monkey Tree Frog

Can’t decide between a monkey and a frog for a pet? A waxy monkey tree frog may be the best of both worlds. Okay, so they don’t look much like a monkey. But with their long fingers, they can adeptly climb branches in their enclosure, much like a monkey. Tree frogs of all varieties make [...]

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An Introduction to Growing with Betta Fish

Got an aquarium? Got an indoor garden? Why not put them together? Aquaponics doesn’t have to be a big endeavor. You can create even a very small scale aquaponics project, like this aquaponics setup in a mason jar. Of course, you want to dip your toes into the waters first, so to speak. Before you [...]

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How to Create a Large Tortoise Habitat

When you decided to get an exotic pet, did learning a bit of carpentry and landscaping cross your mind? You may have to get your hands a bit dirty to house a shelled companion of your own. You see, several species of tortoise grow quite large, including commonly kept exotic pets like the red foot [...]

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6 Common Plant Support Mistakes

Every now and then your indoor garden needs a little boost from you. Large plants and big yields are wonderful to behold, but they can also mean too much weight for the stem of your plants. Rather than risk a broken stem and lost harvest, learn to use stakes to support your growing garden. Just [...]

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4 Snakes that Don't Eat Rodents

Having a pet snake sounds cool, right? Oh wait, you don’t want to feed mice or rats to your pet? Usually that comes along with the turf of being a snake owner. But some people who have a true love for reptiles have a strong aversion to feeding rodents to them. It could be because [...]

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4 Reasons Your Indoor Garden Needs Ventilation

Your plants are screaming for room to breathe. Here’s the thing--all indoor gardens need ventilation. When plants are growing outdoors, they have much better access to airflow than in a closed grow room. But there are plenty of reasons why you may want to grow indoors, so you just have to simulate that airflow for [...]

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Keeping Rodents for Your Snakes

A couple of weeks ago, we talked about how often you should feed your snake. But we didn’t cover much about what your snake is eating. You probably know that snakes are carnivores and require live or frozen prey. And for most snakes kept as exotic pets, mice make a perfectly-portioned meal. Most exotic pet [...]

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​Cloning Your Hydroponic Garden

Do you want an easy way to maximize plant yields? If you have a hardy hydroponic setup already in place with many healthy plants, cloning may be a good option for keeping your indoor garden growing at minimal cost. Read on for more information about cloning your hydroponic garden.Why clone plants?Feel like playing mad scientist? [...]

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​How Often Should My Snake Eat?

If you're wondering how often you need to feed a pet snake, then hopefully you are taking the time to research and understand the facts about exotic pet ownership. We can get you started with our Top 5 Mistakes People Make When Buying an Exotic Pet. At the very least you should know that reptiles [...]

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