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Why Do People Keep Betta Fish?

Colorful betta fish in tank

Thinking about getting a betta fish? You’re not alone. Betta fish are one of the most popular tropical fish to keep. In fact, they come in second place only to goldfish.

What is it about these fish that people love so much?

Let’s take a look at why people keep bettas…

Betta fish are active and intelligent

One of the big advantages to keeping a betta fish is that they are fairly active fish. Many tropical fish keepers enjoy watching their fish swim around the tank, making more active fish more entertaining than their lazier counterparts.

Red and white betta fish

But not only are betta fish active, they’re intelligent, too.

It turns out that betta fish are one of the tropical fish species that can recognize their owners, so you might just see your betta fish swim up to the aquarium glass to greet you when you enter the room.

Bettas can be kept alone

Some fish, like guppies and tetras, need to be kept in groups in order to thrive. Betta fish, on the other hand, do great solo.

This makes bettas a great pet for people with limited space.

Although your betta fish will need plenty of room to swim around and should not be kept in an overly small environment (like a fish bowl), it will still take up less room than fish that need to be housed in groups.

Male betta fish make bubble nests

Bubble nests are one of the most interesting and unique behaviors of betta fish. Because male bettas are the caretakers of eggs, they are the ones you’ll see engaging in this behavior.

Deep red betta fish with his bubble nest

Even if your betta lives alone, you may see him creating a nest of bubbles near the water’s surface, just in case he becomes a father.

Bettas don’t require flowing water

Betta fish can be kept in still waters, which resemble the shallow, brackish waters of their natural habitats. This can make taking care of a betta fish tank easier than more complicated aquarium setups.

That being said, the still water will need to be cleaned diligently.

Domesticated betta fish are colorful and beautiful

Bettas have been domesticated for over 150 years, and if you ever see a wild Siamese fighting fish (the fish from which bettas were bred), you’ll notice that they look quite different.

Siamese fighting fish are brown, and do not display the bright, beautiful colors of domesticated bettas.

Pearlescent betta fish

The betta fish you can buy at a tropical fish store, on the other hand, come in many different colors.

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