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Which Plants to Pick for Low Light Rooms

Bedroom with houseplant and little light

Want to keep plants indoors but don’t have a room with lots of natural light? No worries.

It turns out there are plenty of houseplants out there that are happy to live, grow, and thrive in your low light room. In fact, some plants actually do better in low light rooms than in bright or direct light.

Here are just a few of the best plants to pick for rooms that don’t get a lot of natural light.


Pothos plants hanging in baskets

Photo courtesy of Julie Khuu

The golden pothos is one of the easiest plants to care for. It’s laid-back and doesn’t mind low lighting. It can also go a week or two between waterings, making it quite durable and hard to kill.

In addition to the golden pothos, there are several other varieties of pothos, such as silver pothos and jade pothos, all of which are also low-light tolerant and easy to care for. Plus, because pothos plants like high humidity, they are a good plant to keep in bathrooms, where bright lighting is often harder to come by.

Pothos is also a trailing plant, which makes it a good choice for training to climb walls or décor. This makes it more versatile for a variety of indoor garden aesthetics. The level of lighting a pothos receives can alter the coloring of the leaves, with brighter lighting typically resulting in greener leaves.

Pothos is easy to find in most plant nurseries and is very affordable.

Cast iron plant

Cast iron plant in pot

Photo courtesy of Julie Khuu

The cast iron plant is one of the most durable plants around. You can neglect it for weeks and come back to a living plant. Of course, the plant will definitely look better if you don’t neglect it.

It grows tall, green, blade-shaped leaves that stand loosely upright.

This plant grows well in low-light rooms and only needs to be watered once every week or two. Direct sunlight can burn the cast iron plant’s leaves.

Lucky bamboo

Lucky bamboo plant next to a cup of tea

Photo courtesy of Julie Khuu

Looking for one of the absolute easiest plants to grow? Lucky bamboo may be the plant for you. It definitely has a unique look compared to other houseplants, in that it is stalkier and has fewer leaves.

Lucky bamboo plants can be grown in a vase of water with rocks, making it easy to see when the water needs to be replenished, and they do great in the middle of a room, away from direct light.

Tips and tricks

Want a quick tip for selecting a plant that does well in low lighting? When you’re at the nursery, peruse the plants that are kept inside. Those are typically the best houseplants for indoor gardens. Plants kept in the nursery’s greenhouse, on the other hand, are probably better off in bright light.

And remember, it’s not only natural light that helps plants to thrive. Even just keeping on the regular lights in your house for a few hours each day can provide your low-light plants with sufficient lighting.

If it seems like your plants aren’t getting enough light to grow well, you can also add plant lighting, such as LED or fluorescent grow lights from The Tye-Dyed Iguana in Fairview Heights.