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Which Plants to Grow in Your Bathroom

Bathroom with shower and houseplant

Photo courtesy of Anna Lisa

Do you grow plants in your bathroom? If not, you might want to consider it if your bathroom has a window. The bathroom can actually make a great place for certain plants to thrive because of the humidity from people taking showers, but a lot of people don’t think about adding plants to this part of the home because bathrooms tend to be smaller spaces.

Turns out that’s not a problem, even if your bathroom only has one small window.

So what kinds of plants do best in a bathroom environment? Typically, you’ll do well with hardy, tropical plants like those that grow in rainforests because the bathroom tends to be warm and humid, but those parameters can fluctuate quite a bit throughout the day.

Check out these suggestions for which plants to grow in your bathroom.

Bird’s nest fern

Bird's nest fern

Bird’s nest fern likes moderate, indirect light, which can work well in a bathroom environment. Many people’s bathrooms are not exactly the most well-lit room in the house when it comes to natural lighting (and if yours is, then consider yourself lucky—that means you’ve got even more plant options).

This plant is native to a humid environment, so the extra moisture will be perfect for it. Plus, ferns add to a jungle aesthetic that can look cool in the bathroom.



Pothos is a pretty popular houseplant, and for good reason. It’s hardy and easy to care for. This plant also only needs low to moderate indirect light, so if you’ve only got a small window in your bathroom, no worries.

Pothos tends to grow and trail, so it can make an interesting look in the bathroom rather than sticking with plants that keep to their pots.

Air plants

Air plant in glass bowl

Air plants do need lots of bright, indirect light, so they will only work in bathrooms with big, sunny windows. The upside to keeping them in the bathroom is that they don’t need a planter, and the extra humidity will get sucked up by them right through the air, keeping the air plants healthy with minimal effort.



Most calathea plants prefer humid environments, so you can’t go wrong with putting these in the bathroom. That being said, the calathea “Freddie” is a particularly good option because it does well in moderate, indirect light, like the kind that might be available in a small bathroom.

Did any of these plants catch your eye? If not, you can always try out other rainforest plants in the bathroom. For low light bathrooms, try tropical plants that thrive on the rainforest floor, such as peace lily or begonia.

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