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How to Name Your Pet Snake Even if You Have Zero Ideas

Green tree python

Image courtesy of Monika

Can you imagine a person without a name? They’d be incomplete. And your new snake ownership also feels incomplete if you don’t give your snake a name.

Here’s the thing though. You don’t have to agonize over coming up with something completely new and unique. There are already a lot of great names for pet snakes out there.

No matter what you name it, your snake (and your relationship with it) is already unique. You and your exotic pet will bring your own characteristics and qualities to the name.

So without further ado, here are 13 ideas for snake names.


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Let’s start the list off with a currently famous name. Nagini, as you probably know, is the name of Voldemort’s snake in the Harry Potter series. It’s a good name for those of you who like to keep up the reputation of you snake being dark and creepy.


Let’s keep with the pop culture references for a bit. This next name is made famous by the eldest of the Sand Snakes in Game of Thrones (or A Song of Ice and Fire, for the more literary nerds).

Obara & Nymeria Sand


Nymeria is another of the Sand Snakes from GOT. This name can be shortened to the nickname, Nym. And it’s great for a snake with attitude.



Now we’re into the cartoon snakes. These are perfect if the snake is your child’s pet or if you just like the nostalgia. Or if your snake is a goofball. Kaa, of course, is the hypnotic snake in The Jungle Book.

Jafar as a snake


So Jafar isn’t a snake all the time, but he has an impressive snake-form scene in Aladdin, and he also carries around a snake staff throughout the cartoon movie. A good choice if your snake seems about arrogant and power hungry.

Sir Hiss

Sir Hiss

Sir Hiss is the last of our cartoon snake names. He’s the sidekick and advisor of Prince John in Robin Hood, and he’s another snake with hypnotic powers.

Michael Jackson & Muscles the snake


I bet you didn’t think Michael Jackson’s snake would be on this list. Yup. The King of Pop had a boa constrictor named muscles. It seems fitting.

Alice Cooper & Julius Squeezer

Julius Squeezer

Not into pop music? This name is good for fans of classic metal or hard rock, and those who like a little humor in their snake naming. Julius Squeezer is, in fact, the name of Alice Cooper’s pet snake.

Mr. Crowley

While we’re on the topic of musicians, “Mr. Crowley” is a popular song by Ozzy Osbourne. So why is it on our snake name list? Because it also happens to be the name of a snake-demon in Good Omens, a novel turned TV series.


Possibly an inspiration for the name Nagini, a Naga is a snakelike deity in Hindu mythology. Typically, Nagas are male, and Nagi is the female form.

Bust of Medusa


Another mythological creature, this time from Greek mythos, is Medusa. Although your snake probably doesn’t have multiple heads, it’s a fun name and most people will get the reference.

Monty Python

This one is, trust me, the holy grail of snake names. Ba dum tss. Enough said.

Painting of Jormundgandr


And of course I saved the mightiest of all snake names for last. Jormungandr is also known as the Midgard Serpent, and in Norse mythology, it is the child of Loki and a giant.

Swipe one of these names, or use them as a jumping off point for your own ideas on naming your snake. Comment below with the names you came up with for your snakes.