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How Far Is Too Far to Go With Plants?

Small and large snake plants

Photo courtesy of Sebastian Mey

Plants are one of those hobbies that most people don’t do halfway. Either you have one or two plants, or you’ve got a whole indoor garden. But some people take their love of plants further than others.

Have you considered that you can turn your whole house or apartment into a living green space? Check out some of the more extreme plant spaces we’ve seen…

Jungle apartment

If you just can’t get enough plants in your home, you may be able to relate to this indoor garden that feels a little like walking through a jungle…no matter which room you’re in.

Some people like to strategize and plan out each specimen, but with this maximalist tactic, you can bring home any plant you want and find a place for it in the collection.

The vines that climb the walls and hang in various rooms of the apartment really make the jungle vibe, and guests may have to brush leaves out of the way to get past.

Plants in hanging planters

Vines in the kitchen

Photos courtesy of Truly

Skylight display

If you’re lucky enough to have a home with skylights or large windows, you’ll find that plants you keep indoors are more likely to grow big and healthy. The plants in this particular home have a huge overhead skylight that allows for all of them to thrive.

Of course, if you don’t have a home that lets in as much natural light as your plants would like, grow lights are always an option for keeping them healthy.

Home with many plants

Long hanging plants

Photos courtesy of Summer Rayne Oaks

Unusual plants

Maybe filling your home with plants isn’t enough for you. Maybe you want to fill your home with unusual plants. That’s cool.

There is so much variation in the plant world, you’re sure to find some unique specimens. In fact, The Tye-Dyed Iguana in Fairview Heights often carries a rotating variety of interesting plants. You can come in and check out our selection any time.

In the meantime, here are a few unusual plants that might spark your interest.

The Trachyandra succulent looks a bit like spiraling tentacles, and it’s excellent for indoor gardens with a well-draining soil or a desert grow medium, such as:

Hoffman Cactus & Succulent Soil Mix

Trachyandra tortilis

Photo courtesy of Plant Boy

This next plant is called a fishbone cactus. This unique-looking plant is super easy for beginner gardeners and thrives in indirect light, like you might find in most homes.

Fishbone cactus

Photo courtesy of Tyler Mossop

Have these more extreme plant spaces and varieties inspired you to branch out with your own indoor garden? Share your houseplant or hydroponic garden pictures with us:

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