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2-in-1 Rooting Gel and Cloning Solution

FOOP Clone Gel is like having two products in one: it's a rooting gel, but it also has what most cultivators refer to as cloning solution inside it. With four different organic ingredients that promote root growth and development and another half dozen organic nutrients, this powerful one-two punch dramatically accelerates root growth and development.

Since it's both a rooting gel and cloning solution all-in-one, you no longer need to soak your rooting cubes in cloning or nutrient solution or buy "rapid rooters" inoculated with nutrients. Simply moisten peat moss or rockwool cubes with just plain water pH balanced to 6.0 and that's it.

And your plants will never yellow out either, since there's a little bit of organic plant food specially tailored for your baby plants in every dab of FOOP Clone Gel. And just as a reminder: please do not use FOOP Clone Gel in conjunction with any nutrient solution, or in any rooting media inoculated with nutrient solution ("rapid rooters"). This may prevent your cuttings from developing roots.

Contains All Organic Ingredients

FOOP Clone Gel is derived from reclaimed fish poo in mineral rich aquaculture water (which contains beneficial microbes as well as naturally sourced calcium and magnesium), organic aloe, organic willow water, organic mycorrhizal fungi, organic fish hydrolysate, organic kelp, and organic silica. None of these ingredients are provided in any other cloning or rooting product on the market.

No Synthetic Growth Hormones

Unlike other rooting and cloning agents, FOOP Clone Gel does not contain any synthetic rooting hormones or other registered pesticides.


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