Hydroponics Ideas for Small Spaces

Posted by Diedra Black on May 25th 2017

Hydroponics gives you direct control over consumables from your indoor garden. You know exactly what’s going into your plants and what’s going into your body as a result. If your indoor garden is j … read more

What Do I Feed My Aquatic Turtle?

Posted by Diedra Black on May 18th 2017

Watching a turtle eat can be really fun. In fact, in can be downright adorable, as we showed in this video of a baby turtle posted to our Facebook page recently.  But aquatic turtles, like r … read more

Vermiponics: An Easy Hydroponics Alternative System

Posted by Diedra Black on May 11th 2017

You’ve likely heard of aquaponics and indoor gardening with fish to provide extra nutrients to your plants. In fact, we just covered how to get started with aquaponics with betta fish. Vermiponics is … read more

6 Things to Know About the Waxy Monkey Tree Frog

Posted by Diedra Black on May 4th 2017

Can’t decide between a monkey and a frog for a pet? A waxy monkey tree frog may be the best of both worlds. Okay, so they don’t look much like a monkey. But with their long fingers, they can adeptly c … read more

An Introduction to Growing with Betta Fish

Posted by Diedra Black on Apr 28th 2017

Got an aquarium? Got an indoor garden? Why not put them together? Aquaponics doesn’t have to be a big endeavor. You can create even a very small scale aquaponics project, like this aquaponics setup in … read more

How to Create a Large Tortoise Habitat

Posted by Diedra Black on Apr 20th 2017

When you decided to get an exotic pet, did learning a bit of carpentry and landscaping cross your mind? You may have to get your hands a bit dirty to house a shelled companion of your own. You see, se … read more

6 Common Plant Support Mistakes

Posted by Diedra Black on Apr 13th 2017

Every now and then your indoor garden needs a little boost from you. Large plants and big yields are wonderful to behold, but they can also mean too much weight for the stem of your plants. Rather tha … read more

4 Snakes that Don't Eat Rodents

Posted by Diedra Black on Apr 6th 2017

Having a pet snake sounds cool, right? Oh wait, you don’t want to feed mice or rats to your pet? Usually that comes along with the turf of being a snake owner. But some people who have a true lo … read more

4 Reasons Your Indoor Garden Needs Ventilation

Posted by Diedra Black on Mar 30th 2017

Your plants are screaming for room to breathe. Here’s the thing--all indoor gardens need ventilation. When plants are growing outdoors, they have much better access to airflow than in a closed grow ro … read more