UVB Policy

UVB lighting is one of the most crucial aspects in keeping diurnal animals.  It is also one of the most overlooked aspects.  Due to an overwhelming amount of misinformation circulating through pet shops, many animals don't get the UVB that they need.

As a result we require the presence of a UVB bulb before any transaction involving a diurnal species.  When the UVB bulb is present, we can test the bulb with our UVB radiometer and make sure the levels are within appropriate ranges.  Without the use of a UVB radiometer, it is impossible to know if the bulb is still in good working order.

This means that if you have a UVB bulb, you must have it with you before the transaction.  If you don't have a UVB bulb, we sell them for the best price in the industry.  You can purchase UVB bulbs here.

This policy does not apply to web sales.