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Snake School is a hands-on, class-room-style training session directed at the future generations of the reptile industry.  This is a sophisticated class that will take an in-depth look into the reptile hobby.  Students will dig deep into reptile husbandry and learn what is truly required to pursue a passion in this industry.  Students will walk away with the same level of knowledge and expertise that we require of our highly-trained staff.

We currently offer three different class levels.  Completion of lower level classes is not required to take the more advanced classes, but it is recommended to ensure a thorough understanding of the species described.  The focus of the 100 level classes is to give the student a basic understanding in five areas.

These five areas are:






Our 200 and 300 level classes will venture into the study of more advanced species along with current events in the reptile industry.

The student will learn complete care of a select group of animals in each category. We will also detail the financial obligations for each animal. We aim to give the student a thorough understanding of the animals in each category.

We approach the class as if the student intends to continue reptile study and possibly pursue a profession in the reptile industry.

Snake School is intended for young adults ages 9 - 16 years old.  However, Snake School is NOT limited to this age range.  If you feel that your student (older or younger) would enjoy the session, by all means, please sign up.  Each session meets on a weeknight (Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday depending on class) and runs from 6 p.m. - 8 p.m.  Each session lasts 5 weeks.  Due to the intense interaction between instructor and student, classes are kept small and limited to 12 students per session.  Cost is $150 per student for the 5 week session.  Snake School is offered on an ongoing basis throughout the calendar year.


Register for Snake School