Paid Services

Snake Feeding
Don't have enough time or the means to feed your snake?  You can drop it off at the shop and we'll feed it for you.  The cost is $5 plus the price of the food.  No appointment necessary.  Call ahead if you are bringing a snake over 6ft.

Assist Feeding
Are you having problems feeding a hatchling snake?  Or perhaps you have a sick animal that needs tube feeding.  If you are in a situation where your animal needs to be assist fed, we can help.  We will assist feed your animal for the cost of the food plus $10.  Please call ahead to schedule a time to bring the animal.

Tank Maintenance
Are you too busy to clean your tank?  Let the staff at The Tye-Dyed Iguana maintain your tank for you.  We will send a professional staff member to your home or business to perform everything from routine maintenance to a full scale deep cleaning.  The cost is $50 per hour.  We will travel 20 miles round trip for free.  After that point the travel fee is $0.50 per mile.


Free Services

UVB Testing
We can test your UVB bulbs any time at no cost.  UVB bulbs must be replaced every 6 months - 1 year.  The bulb will continue to function, but the phosphorus coating wears out depleting the UVB output of the bulb.  We have a UVB radiometer and can test the bulb for specific UVB ranges.  Bring your bulb and fixture to the shop for your free testing.

Snake Probing
Our experienced staff will probe your snake free of charge.  Call ahead to check availability of qualified staff.  You can contact us toll free at 1-877-388-6200.

Lizard Sexing
Do you need your lizard sexed?  We will sex your lizard for free.  No need to call ahead, just show up and our experienced staff will assist you.