All Animals Sold In Store:
We will not sell an animal unless it is in optimal health. We guarantee almost all animals for 20 days after the date of sale. This applies to in-store purchases only.  Of course there is one exception to this. The owner of the animal must show that proper care was taken for the animal. We can not and will not warrant poor treatment on the owner's part. Certain wild caught animals are not guaranteed. There is a 50% restocking fee on all returned animals.

Internet Sales of Animals:
We have a live arrival guarantee on all reptiles sold online.  Any DOAs must be reported within 2 hours of arrival.  There is no guarantee other than live arrival due to the nature of web sales.  Our carrier must get a signature for the guarantee to be valid.  No signature = No guarantee.  No guarantee when your temps are below 40 degrees or over 90 degrees.  There is no live arrival guarantee on amphibians.

Our Feeding Guarantee:
We guarantee all animals are feeding at the time of purchase. Some snakes may not feed right away due to the stress of moving. However, we guarantee that the animal will eventually feed as long as proper care and environment are provided.  If the care or environment is not adequate, the animal will not feed.

All Accessories:
This includes anything necessary for the animal including cages, substrate, dishes, hiding boxes, lights, heat lamps, etc. We have a 60 day return policy on all unopened and unused merchandise. Buyer is responsible for return shipping.  After the 60 day return policy, all defective products must be returned to the manufacturer for warranty work. Any and all warranty work is the responsibility of the customer. There are no returns on UVB bulbs due to the nature of the bulb.  Opened or used merchandise may be returned for 30 days at a manager's discretion for merchandise credit only.

We guarantee all feeders are healthy and disease free for your animal. If your animal doesn't eat the food, feel free to bring it back for a credit. Of course, feeders must be returned in perfect condition.  This excludes frozen food.