The Ultimate List of Hydroponic Perennials

Posted by Diedra Blackmill on Mar 28th 2019


A couple weeks ago we talked about growing perennial vegetables in a hydroponic garden. But growing perennials isn’t just about food production.

Maybe you just enjoy tending the plants and seeing how long you can keep the same specimen going. I mean, once you’ve had a plant for a year or so, you’ve kind of got a relationship going, right?

And maybe you like the look of a full indoor garden, regardless of how much food it produces.

If keeping an ongoing garden of the same plants is something you’re into, then we’ve got just the info you need.

Jump into this ultimate list of hydroponic perennials to find out what plants you can form a satisfying, long-term commitment with…


Artichokes are fairly easy to grow and can be grown as perennials. You’ll just have to make sure you give them a rest period for about four months between harvests.


Of course, it’s true of most perennial plants that a rest period will be needed between yields.


If you’re really looking for an edible crops for your indoor garden, asparagus is a good producer. It can actually keep producing yields for up to 20 years.


If you can keep it alive that long, and if you have the patience to wait 2 to 3 years for your plants to mature to harvesting age.

Kale and other greens

Kale is usually grown as an annual, but it doesn’t have to be. It actually does quite well as a perennial.

If you harvest portions of the leaves or just a few leaves at a time, the plant will continue to grow.

In fact, many leafy greens can grow back even if you chop off the tops of all the leaves. And bonus, these plants actually grow pretty easily in a hydroponic garden.


Garlic makes nearly any dish taste better. So having it at your disposal any time you want it sounds absolutely amazing.


And because garlic grows in such small bulbs, it fits well in nearly any hydroponic garden.


Okay, so horseradish is a root vegetable, and you may be wondering exactly how you’re going to grow tubers inside. It’s actually not that difficult.

You can sprout them in shallow grow media and then transfer them to a somewhat deep container, like a bucket or large grow bag.

Various herbs

Herbs are honestly one of the best perennials to keep inside. With the right harvesting technique, you can grow and harvest them year-round.

This applies to any of the leafy herbs, like parsley, cilantro, basil, thyme, oregano, chives, and others. And as long as you don’t harvest from the whole plant at once, it doesn’t need a rest period.

Technically, any perennial you can grow outdoors can be grown indoors as well. You just have to get the conditions right for them. Keeping perennials going can provide a sense of satisfaction at keeping your plants going.

Have you tried growing any perennials indoors? Tell us how it went by commenting below or on our Facebook page.

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