Start Your Garden with Herb Days at the Missouri Botanical Garden

Posted by Diedra Blackmill on May 2nd 2019

Herbs and gardening supplies

Photo courtesy of Jill Wellington

Looking for herbs to grow in your indoor garden?

Maybe you’re tired of the typical options like dill and mint (not that those aren’t delicious!). We get it. We get excited when a new variety of plants shows up at Indoor Cultivator too.

If you need to get your hands on something a little rarer, you’re in luck:

It’s the time of year for Herb Days at the Missouri Botanical Garden. Read on to find out more...

When are Herb Days at the Missouri Botanical Garden?

Herb Days are free with general admission to the Botanical Garden. It’s hosted by The St. Louis Herb Society, and the first day of the sale is for society members only. After that, the herb sale opens up to the general public.

Carnations in a basket

Here are the dates:

Thursday, May 2

Herb sales open only to members of The St. Louis Herb Society, from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Friday, May 3

Herb sales open to the public, with admission to the botanical gardens, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Saturday, May 4

Herb sales open to the public, with admission to the botanical gardens, from 9 a.m. to noon, as long as herbs are still available.

You’ll find thousands of potted herbs available for purchase, and you’re sure to see varieties you can’t find at your local nursery. You can also chat with members of the Herb Society, who will provide tips on growing herbs, including selecting the right herbs to begin with.

Which herbs you select will depend in part on what purpose you’d like to put them to. Some herbs are great for cooking, and others are good for their fragrance, whether as they grow or to use in scented crafts. Yet other herbs are great outdoor additions to attract pollinators to your yard.

What else can you do while you’re there?

If you’ve never been to the Missouri Botanical Gardens, you’ll find plenty of other exhibits to look at in addition to the herb sale.

Some of their most popular garden displays include a Chinese Garden, an English Woodland Garden, and an Ottoman Garden.

You’ll also find a Japanese Garden complete with a koi pond (these chubby fish are a favorite sight for visitors!).

Pond in front of Climatron Conservatory at Missouri Botanical Gardens

A lily pond near the Climatron conservatory at the Missouri Botanical Gardens

While you’re there checking out the formal gardens, you can also stop by the Kemper Center for Home Gardening and get some tips on gardening.

Keeping your herb garden thriving

If you bring home some herbs from Herb Days, feel free to stop by Indoor Cultivator to grab any supplies you need to keep your garden thriving, like:

And once you’ve got your herbs growing well, remember to put them to good use. We’ve got a few suggestions for that too.

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