Looking for a New Gardening Hobby? Try Aquascaping

Posted by Diedra Blackmill on Jun 22nd 2018

Aquatic plants floating on water surface

Feel like you have no time for gardening? That’s understandable. If you’re like most people, your schedule limits the amount of time you have for hobbies.

Fortunately, there’s a solution if you really have an urge to grow something (and keep it alive). Keep it small. Anyone can grow a tiny aquascape of marine plants. And bonus, an aquarium garden brightens up your house and can be grown even in tiny apartments.

Let’s have a look at the basics of aquascape gardening and advice for how you can get started.

What is aquascaping?

Aquascaping is growing aquatic plants in an aquarium. All the plants are submerged in water, and they can create a unique arrangement when planned and cared for. A small air pump helps to provide oxygen and carbon dioxide to the plants, and as an added effect, the air flow also provides movement in the tank. The swaying leaves and stems can really make a fascinating display compared to traditional houseplants that remain mostly still.

Some aquascapers like to keep just to the plants, but others use the aquascaping to decorate their fish tank. If you’re aquascaping your fish habitat, know that it also provides a healthier environment for your aquarium pets.

How do I get started aquascaping?

To start, you will need an aquarium of any size and a nutrient-rich substrate for the plants to grow in. You will also need filters and air pumps to keep the tank clean and plants healthy. You will most likely need UV lights, too, for the plants to get enough lighting, just like in other hydroponic growing. And you will need some way to regulate the temperature inside the tank.

Aquarium with plants

That may sound complicated, so rest assured that if you go super simple, you can still have success with aquascaping. In fact, if you’re a true beginner, it’s probably better to start with the least expensive setup you can. Take a large glass bowl or other container you can repurpose, fill it with water, and put a bright fluorescent lamp over it. Add a few plants and see what grows. Once you get the hang of it, you can upgrade your setup and techniques.

A popular plant for filling in an aquarium is glossostigma. When it is given space to receive enough light, it grows across the aquarium floor like a short carpet and doesn’t even require trimming. Watch out for placing it too close to other items in your aquarium though. When it doesn’t get enough light, like when décor is blocking it, it will start to grow upwards in spindly strands. You should definitely plant it on the side of the tank that gets the most light.

When glossostigma is healthy, it produces lots of air that can be seen exiting the leafy carpet in bubbles. We sell glossostigma plants and other aquascaping plants at Indoor Cultivator. Come in and check out what’s available.

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