Are You Just a Gardener or Are You a Plant Parent?

Posted by Diedra Blackmill on Jun 6th 2019

Woman holding green leaves

Do you worry about your plants when you leave for vacation? Do you greet them first thing in the morning? Are you the type of gardener that tells your potted babies to take care when you leave the house?

Then you may be more than a gardener. You may be a plant parent.

Here’s how to tell if you’ve taken your gardening obsession to the next level of the relationship…

Indoor Cultivator carnivorous plant

You’re on the lookout for rare specimens

Plant parents tend to be picky about which plants join their family, like a dog parent seeking out the perfect companion at a pet shelter.

Indoor Cultivator variety of plants

You research every plant extensively

When you get a new plant, you go all in. You find out everything there is to know about it, and probably before you even bring it home.

Succulents on window sill

Plants are more than a temporary accessory to you

You don’t just buy a pot of flowers to stick on the table for guests to see when they come over. You plan meticulously where each plant should go before you even bring it home. All of your plants have their own special space. And they aren’t just décor.

Cactus in pot on desk

The majority of your plants live indoors

You’re not going to leave your precious plants to the whims of nature. Plant parents watch every stage of growth, and they plan their plants’ nutrition precisely.

Tiny plant in pot with heart

You patiently await the blooming stage

Plant parents love to watch their plants grow. And they learn patience in the process because blooms take time.

Indoor Cultivator tall cacti

You keep adding to your plant family

Houseplants seem to have a way of multiplying. You know the cliché about crazy cat people? Plant parents are basically crazy plant people, with greenery taking over their homes.

Succulents in Baby Groot containers

You fret about which containers to use

Pet owners and parents get to pick cute accessories for their fur babies and tiny humans, so why shouldn’t you have the same luxury? Container selection is a blend of practicality and design aesthetic.

Happy woman among flowers

Being surrounded by plants makes you deliriously happy

Some people have pets. Some have kids. You’ve got succulents, indoor trees, and tropical plants. And you feel entirely emotionally fulfilled.

Indoor Cultivator blooming pink quill plant

You love to show off your indoor garden

Like a proud parent, you care for your specimens, watch them grow, and invite every visitor to marvel at them...even if the visitors don’t seem to care as much as you do.

Man covered in vine plants

You plants take center stage on your social media

You follow plant bloggers and vloggers, and your social media feeds share more pictures of your plants than yourself. Or maybe just lots of selfies with your precious plants.

Woman peeking from behind sunflower blossom

You give your plant babies haircuts

Okay, other people might call it pruning. But you know that it’s really a bonding experience.

So, are you an obsessed plant parent? No judgment here. Indoor Cultivator is happy to help you keep your plant babies healthy. Follow us on Facebook for all our indoor gardening tips.

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