6 Things to Know About the Waxy Monkey Tree Frog

Posted by Diedra Black on May 4th 2017

Can’t decide between a monkey and a frog for a pet? A waxy monkey tree frog may be the best of both worlds. Okay, so they don’t look much like a monkey. But with their long fingers, they can adeptly climb branches in their enclosure, much like a monkey. Tree frogs of all varieties make interesting pets, but take a look at these 6 things to know about the waxy monkey tree frog before jumping into tree frog ownership.

1. The waxy monkey tree frog can be difficult to keep.

Waxy monkey tree frogs come from a very specific native environment that is difficult to replicate. They are not typically a beginner amphibian. That means their care is best kept to herp enthusiasts who have owned and care for several other species first.

2. Wild-caught frogs may not last long in captivity.

If you are going to purchase a waxy monkey tree frog, check that your local exotic pet retailer has captive-bred specimens. Many frogs for sale are caught in the wild. And these often have health problems before you bring them home.

3. It’s not like other frogs.

To keep a waxy monkey tree frog happy, you can think of its terrarium more like one you would create for a chameleon or other arboreal reptile or amphibian. Its requirements are different from terrestrial frogs. And it will only be happy with many climbing branches. Also like chameleons, an enclosure made from screen rather than glass is ideal. These frogs come from a drier environment and don’t need a lot of humidity.

4. It thinks it’s a leaf.

Or at least, that’s what it wants you to think. These tree frogs are nocturnal, and they spend most of the daylight period sitting still on a branch, using their lime green coloring to camouflage themselves as just another leaf. That means you’d better be a night person if you want to actually see it actively climbing. And it also means the waxy monkey tree frog is not the best family pet for children.

5. You can house them together.

Many exotic pets are territorial loners that don’t play well with others of their own species. But waxy monkey tree frogs can safely be housed together into adulthood. The primary two considerations are that you provide a large enough space for all the frogs to climb and rest on branches and that you offer decor that works as hideouts to avoid fights.

6. Waxy monkey tree frogs have amazing temperature tolerance.

The waxy secretions on these frogs allow them to tolerate hot, dry temperatures. They require two basking lights in their enclosure, one with UVA and one with UVB. By providing a range of temperatures in their enclosure (one end with basking lights and one without), they can regulate their body temperature appropriately. Because they like to climb, you can set up the different temperature zones vertically in a tall enclosure.

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