Mars Hydro Grow Tent (96" x 96" x 80")

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Mars Hydro Grow Tents

Our Grow Tents are the first LED engineered Grow tent specifically for growing with Mars Hydro products. Quality comes first featuring double thick Mylar with a 99% efficient reflective surface. The tents collect and reflect any light emitted outside of the canopy footprint and delivers it directly back to the plant. Our tents are designed to reflect the spectrums provided by our LED grow lights. This special surface easily outperforms any other grow tents available. These tents area quick, simple and practical solution to creating a controlled horticultural environment. They are easy to assemble come with all the useful features you would expect.

Grow Tent Features

remote controle Ultra-Reflective Lined Mylar for superior light reflectivity and dispersal.
Steal construction: Including poles, fixture braces & corners.
 Premium Mylar sides: 2X stronger & thicker than the competition.
Vented flaps with screens: helps maintain a light proof environment.
Supports up to 140lb. fixture for a a safe grow environment.
Removable waterproof floor liner: contains spills/water within tent.
Completely non-toxic bug and disease resistant ”no off-gassing”.
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